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Jay’s first Un-Book

Hey – I am back in a project with Jay Cross and am thinking of posting my experiences to this same blog I used while participating in the Un-Workshop two years ago.

I have therefore changed the title of the blog to represent the actual projects.

So if you are looking at posts prior to today’s date they refer to the old headline:

What is in the UnWorkshop to unlock and speed up Collaboration?

Resources: If you want to …

  • … know more about Jay’s Un-Book? (PDF)
  • participate in the project: Purchase the Un-Book at Lulu (either in print or for download) to get both – the book at its actual release and access to the further developing resources on-line for a period of six months.

Hope you are going to join, but beware: The Un-Book is not about reading a book but about participating. See you there.