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PKM revisited by Harold

Harold Jarche is continuing refining the PKM systems. I find his references to articles focusing on PKM outcomes very useful: keep track, make sense, critical thinking, cooperate, collaborate, problem-solving.

Good examples for ‘Working Smarter’. Thanks Harold.


The Spiral of PKM 2.0 (new graph)

After a conversation with Harold Jarche last week I have given my Visual of the Personal Knowledge Management process a new dimension, adding the stage “Dialog” at the end of the process.

PKM Process 2-O

The new stage “Dialog” can also be seen as a source for research / retrieval of the next level of development in the growing spiral. I actually like this representation better and it can also be seen as a metaphor for the old format of the web: Knowledge was produced, published and that’s it.

Web 2.0 seems to add more value to the process including dialog with the audience and the spiral shows the growing value of the Information (Knowledge) while passing through the process.

Visual of PKM process stages

After our Unworkshop we had started a training supporting the moderation process in webconferencing and in presence events with visuals (kind of more formal training but with lots of informal options).

As a result I have been able to overcome my believe from early childhood that I would never be able to draw or visualize …

Because I have chosen to visualize the PKM process stages I thought this might also be of interest to those still monitoring our informL blogs:

Visual representation of PKM stages

As you can see I did draw my own pictographs for the stages on paper, scanned them and then (in my drawing program) placed them on an arrow symbolising information coming in and going out again.

The whole process of visualizing helped me getting an even better understanding on what the process is and will certainly help me remember the stages involved …

Informl PKM revisited

The Unworkshop is still in my mind and has to some extend changed my (business) live. In particular the concept of Personal Knowledge Management (see informL | PKM) keeps me thinking, experimenting and thus learning …

Today I have revisited the PKM resources on our informL wiki and I am suggesting to rearrange the seven PKM skills.

Instead of:(1) retrieving information; (2) evaluating/assessing information; (3) organizing information; (4) analyzing information; (5) presenting information; (6) securing information; and (7) collaborating around information

Use: (1) retrieving information; (2) evaluating/assessing information; (3) organizing information; (4) analyzing information; (5) composing information (6) presenting information; (7) securing information

Why do I suggest this?

  • Analysis and synthesis are two different tasks and require different skills and should each be represented as a separate stage
  • The new skill #5 composing (or re-composing) information can be seen as the work of an individual or of a group and would therefore implicitly include the missing skill-sets on collaborating around information.

What do you think? Please let me know if you are still tuned in even though I will only be posting sporadically on my blog in English.

Tool to reduce the size of a PowerPoint presentation

Sometimes we face a situation where presenters in a web event bring their presentations (as big as 30-50 MB) and we have to transport them in a webconferenencing event.

What I am using to reduce the size of the presentation within less then one minute is a tool called nx PowerLIte ( ). As a result presentations are often reduced by 80-90 % of their original size without any reduction in quality)

Scheduling a meeting via Doodle

This is another web service I like: Doodle helps scheduling meetings – it’s simple, quick, and free.
If you look at ‘What else?’ you can find a link to a second polling format called AnyDoodle.

Sending large files

If I have to send a large file to someone I use (the free service allows up to 100 MB).
P.S.: To write this post I am using the WordPress Sidebar (Firefox Extension) from

Wiki as a personal Dashboard and more …

Maybe I have also come a bit behind the schedule. But there is so much to see, analyze and/or test in this UW so that I could spend my whole week exploring new interesting things. But there are still some other things to be done to earn a living 😉
During last week I have started my own personal Dashboard on pbWiki and I am starting to love it. Every day I add something from my old different places an repositories and enter it to my new ‘Startpage’ of my browser.

The bike ride with Harold and Barb also gave me some new ideas and viewpoints on how to organize and get my personal development going (I still like Jay’s expression: ‘Getting better at getting better!’ – Jay, if I will be quoting it, I will certainly give the credit to you!).

Harold has given me some insight into his process of collecting, analyzing and publishing information. I am not sure if I recall all the steps but shall make use of his generous offer to contact (Skype!) him whenever I feel that he could help me. I think that this attitude I feel throughout the whole un-program represents a very high service level and we should all motivate our escorts by making use of it!

We had also discussed tracking of quotes: If I include a link to another WordPress blog this link should be seen on the other blog as a comment. So let us just test that with Eddie:

PLUS as an exercise for myself and to document the process for Eddie who has posted on his Blog

“… and added a file to my edit and those items are no where to be seen. … ”

I will now add a pdf file out of an actual project we are working on and add a link to it on this post:

Visual Moderation by Stephan Ulrich / Teachforce (document in German, English version not available yet) – Visual Moderation

I shall now document the process on our Informl Wiki. See you …