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How much learning is enough?

Thanks to Jay leaving a comment on my post about our first bus-ride:

“As to missing things, well, we are beyond that stage. We will all be missing things all the time. The objective is not to learn everything; it’s to learn enough.”

I presume he is not suggesting that we should stop asking for more if we feel it would support our efforts, bring us closer to our goal or further in our undertaking.

So the question is how much is ‘enough’ learnt? My ideas on this for further discussion:

  • It is enough, when we are on track to reach our goals
  • It is enough, when we have reached our goals
  • It is enough, when we had a conversation that leads us ahead, i.e. to find new paths worth following
  • It is enough, when we have been able to contribute something and/or to get something out of it (i.e. Jay’s suggestion to always have a safety net available)

Thanks for your input to this interesting topic.

P.S.: Yes, I have learnt enough on our first bus-ride. Thanks.


Two days left …

… until our first Bus-ride. Being impatient and curious I have so far:

  • Viewed some of Jay’s presentations on Informal Learning(*)
  • Arranged for the Technology to be ready (hope it is!)
  • Visited some of the Blogs form UnWorkshop alumni(**)
  • Started this Blog (and again: it took me MUCH more time to find and to arrange a skin from the many themes available)

(*) I like Jay’s form of presentations on Informal Learning (recordings): The ideas I see him develop are very well structured, visualization of the content and quotations supports my understanding. Duration: The recordings and are long enough to bring the message through but short enough for me to revisit others of his presentations without any fear of losing too much time.
(**) Angelika from UnGroup2 links to an interview with Etienne Wenger on Communities of Practice (and further down you can find the recording of a full 1.5 hour lecture by Etienne Wenger on “What if we assumed that society itself is a large-scale learning system?”)

While watching the video of the interview I hear me asking: What does it help, to see the person talking in the interview? Would I have been listening to 3 of the 7 sequences if they would only have been published as audio clips? Maybe I would have downloaded all of them to listen to it on my player while commuting?

Audio and Video are sequential / linear: How important is it to see the whole (long?) sequence? Do I miss something, if I do not spend this time? What is the essence of the content transmitted?