Supporting Information Workers to communicate and collaborate over a distance.

What tools, technologies and methods support and accelerate learning and collaboration within dispersed groups?

So far using:

  • Google+ Hangouts for 1:1 and some-to-many communication including video-call and web conferencing functionalities like screen sharing
  • Google+ as my major social media presence
  • Skype (for presence awareness and 1:1 communication – lately only rarely with some followers that have not yet been converted to Google Hangouts)
  • Evernote as my Knowledge repository
  • easyLEARN, a Swiss Learning Management and Content Management System: Formal e-courses informal ‘Google-style’ learning. easyLEARN is also designed to support SMEs as an easy to use know-how authoring and publishing tool.
  • SnagIt for screen capturing and Camtasia for screen recording
  • WordPress Blog (still experimenting)
  • Microsoft Office: Word editor and PowerPoint for presentations
  • Prezi and Videoscribe for storytelling
  • iMindmap for brainstorming, mind mapping and presentation

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  1. Yael on

    A great new web 2.0 for scheduling meetings with ease

    I’d like to introduce you to http://www.scheduleonce.com – the easiest way to schedule conference calls, webinars or any type of event. The service is specifically designed for those hard-to-schedule meetings with multiple time zones, many invitees and different calendar systems. ScheduleOnce is used by many teachers for various purposes, including scheduling exams and e-learning sessions
    Based on a patent-pending scheduling engine, ScheduleOnce is a dead-simple web 2.0 service that helps you find a time for your meeting with absolute accuracy across all time zones and daylight saving changes.
    See what they wrote on webware – http://www.webware.com/8301-1_109-9847169-2.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Webware

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