Good Teamwork: Visual Animation for download

Inspired by a collegue eModerator (Gabriela Renggli) I have produced a GIF-Animation of a group of manikins representing good Teamwork values:


  • Working together and all heading in the same direction!
  • We ALL reach our common goal!
  • Nobody will be left behind!
  • Joint efforts allow us to bridge gaps each one individually would not be able to overcome!

You are free to use this animation in your presentations or kick-off events to accellerate team building with good values.

The following files are made available under Creative Commons Attribution by linking to or to this article: Rightclick the Download Link and safe the file to your computer.

  • GIF 324 x 80 (219 KB) for small teasers: Download
  • GIF 300 x 200 (313 KB) same as above: Download
  • GIF 583 x 200 (576 KB) for Powerpoint or WBT: Download
  • GIF 800 x 274 (2.5 MB) for Powerpoint: Download

Enjoy good team spirit in successful team efforts.


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  1. oliversmit on

    like it,,, nice1

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