Feedback on the Unworkshop

This is my Feedback given to the Informl team:

The Unworkshop was a great experience for me. I have started to use my blog to communicate and to use aggregators on a regular basis (still room for improvement, but the start was much easier for me then if I would have done it just on my own).

In addition to the ‘bus rides’ (guided tours by Jay) and the ‘bike rides’ (small groups with great coaching by Harold and Judy on topics of personal interest) I was fascinated by the Personal Knowledge Management process which has kept me busy for some timevisualizing the steps involved in my previous posts ( and This additional loop after the Unworkshop has helped me to make the information offered in the training to become part of my own business live.

I would at any time join the Informl Crew (Jay, Harold and Judy) again to find new ideas and great resources and shall be monitoring their activities on their own blogs to be inspired. And yes – I am convinced that Informal Learning does work, if …

  • you are curious to learn
  • you are willing to do more then just participating in the live tours via web
  • you are ready to invest some time to explore the ideas shared openly and really give it a try introducing it into your daily business / live

Thanks to the team for this exceptional experience.


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