Is this training?

Have just come across the newsletter from the Training Doctor. It seems that Informal Learning is getting more and more attention:


IBM has cataloged the skills of about 100,000 employees.
That database is used to connect employees who have
questions to others with the answers, using the
Internet and instant messaging.

Is it “learning” if someone teaches you something
outside of a formal class? Is it learning if the
person supplying you with the new knowledge or skill
is not a designated “trainer?” Sure! Why not?

What is difficult is cataloging what people have
learned each year when you cannot count ‘butts in
seats;” but really, what is our goal as trainers?
Isn’t it more important to get individuals knowledge
when and where they need it? We think so. And so does
IBM, which estimates that 80 percent of what it
considers “learning” falls outside of traditional
classroom instruction.

(c) 2006 The Training Doctor, LLC


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