At the moment it hearts most …

Just having finished participating in today’s bus-ride I would like to get two ideas off my mind:

  • Jay, you are on the right track (my opinion). But the moment it hearts most – and that we feel to never get to reach the goal – that is where we are very close to getting a BIG step ahead. So please just keep on going.
  • How about asking the questions the other way around – instead of what is web 20 going to bring us: asking something like ‘how do we make a community participate’ or ‘how do we make an audience in a conferencing event interact’?

Both these questions are very central to what I am doing at the moment.

I have so far got very much out of your UnWorkshop thanks to your personal involvement and thanks to you team. Looking forward to our next steps.


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  1. jaycross on

    Thanks. You’re right about the focus. “How do I do X learning” instead of “How do I use a wiki.”

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