Wiki as a personal Dashboard and more …

Maybe I have also come a bit behind the schedule. But there is so much to see, analyze and/or test in this UW so that I could spend my whole week exploring new interesting things. But there are still some other things to be done to earn a living 😉
During last week I have started my own personal Dashboard on pbWiki and I am starting to love it. Every day I add something from my old different places an repositories and enter it to my new ‘Startpage’ of my browser.

The bike ride with Harold and Barb also gave me some new ideas and viewpoints on how to organize and get my personal development going (I still like Jay’s expression: ‘Getting better at getting better!’ – Jay, if I will be quoting it, I will certainly give the credit to you!).

Harold has given me some insight into his process of collecting, analyzing and publishing information. I am not sure if I recall all the steps but shall make use of his generous offer to contact (Skype!) him whenever I feel that he could help me. I think that this attitude I feel throughout the whole un-program represents a very high service level and we should all motivate our escorts by making use of it!

We had also discussed tracking of quotes: If I include a link to another WordPress blog this link should be seen on the other blog as a comment. So let us just test that with Eddie:

PLUS as an exercise for myself and to document the process for Eddie who has posted on his Blog

“… and added a file to my edit and those items are no where to be seen. … ”

I will now add a pdf file out of an actual project we are working on and add a link to it on this post:

Visual Moderation by Stephan Ulrich / Teachforce (document in German, English version not available yet) – Visual Moderation

I shall now document the process on our Informl Wiki. See you …


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  1. ursfrei on

    Two points to mention:
    1. The URL used in my post has immediately been reflected as a comment in Eddie’s blog
    2. For those with access to the Infoml UnWorkshop please find the instruction on how to add a file to a WP post – go to

  2. jaycross on

    Urs, that’s great. I didn’t know how to do it, and now I do. Thanks for helping enrich the wiki. Help me convince others to follow your example!

  3. teacherbear on

    Thanks for taking the tme to help out. I need to keep plugging away at these things. You are an encouragement.


  4. Gnoletcom on

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