Conferencing – Features and Quality

I am referring to our Skypecast Aug 8, 2006.

Conferencing has come to be more than pure phone conferencing. When I hear statements starting with: “This is XYZ speaking” I do not feel we are in the age of web-based communication:

What I do like about Skypekast:

  • It is free
  • You can see the participants-list
  • You can see if you have been muted and can ask for the Mic to be opened by the host
  • It can be accessed from different platforms (I heard that someone had been connected from a Mac)

What I would like to see improved in Skypecast:

  • Why does the system not show ‘Who is speaking’?
  • Voice quality (refer to the short mp3 redorcing)
  • Distinction between Skype and Skypecast (two tools with such a similar name – but seem to be completely different and still using the same software on my computer)

What have been your obserbations?

P.S.: I am also testing the ‘Uload File’ function of this tool by adding a short mp3 file I have created as a recording using Audacity. (Upload did not work: “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.) My solution: I did upload the file to my Moodle server and have published the link to that URL.

P.P.S.: O.K. I am not that objective – I am partnering with Interwise as a Certified Training Partner! Interwise is offering “Unlimited Confereincing” at a fixed price (but not for free). I am open to deliver test events to show you how it works.


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