How about Taging linear Content (Audio/Video)?

In the recordings published on the Informl Wiki I have come across Jay’s metaphor of ‘Trees’ and ‘Leaves’ leading to a distinction I like very much: ‘Knowledge’ / ‘Meaning’.

Now coming to my observation with regard to the format the content is being delivered (Breeze Recording): Jay did publish the whole presentation on Tags (32 minutes) and the core part of it with the Trees/Leaves slide (5 minutes) as an excerpt. Thank you for that service – it will allow me to refer to just this slide.

But what could I do if during the long recording I came across an important point I would like to refer to later? Is there any way I could ‘tag’ the particular sequence (the slide in the Breeze recording, the frames in a video or the range on the time-line of an audio file)?

Thanks for your input if you know of any such possibility.

P.S.: With this post I am also using the ‘Optional Excerpt’ functionality of WordPress to find out what the displaying consequences are on the article published.


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  1. Harold Jarche on

    Sounds like a standards issue here, and I don’t think that vendors of proprietary systems, like Breeze, have adopted any standards for tagging. It’s a great idea though. Maybe someone else knows more about this than I do.

  2. Jay Cross on

    Great minds think alike. In fact, I was contemplating this just the other day. Conceptually, it shouldn’t take more than tagging the content and pointing to a time code on the recording. To my knowledge, no one is doing this yet. I will bring it up next time I’m talking with the standards community.


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