When to reply to a post – and when not?

Being new to this form of communication as a ‘publisher’ I find myself in a similar discussion as when moderating a threaded discussion in an online class:

Should I reply to comments (lead by my etiquette in a personal conversations), showing that I have seen it and appreciate reactions to my posts? Or should I rather let ‘it flow’ without further influence from my part?

What do you think? Are there any rules or directions on this issue (netiquette)? What are your experiences?


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  1. yudit on

    Hi, Urs,
    Luckily, this post of yours is not as technical as the last one, at leat I can understand this one.
    As for your question: I believe that “etiquette is etiquette”. I cannot think of anything which we cosider proper in our daily behaviour which would not be proper on the web.
    Yes, people do expect you to respond. This is the only way they know you are interested in what they wrote. True, sometimes a busy discussion involves with other people, in that case you may be exempted sometimes, but I guess this is not our case here. not yet…
    If you feel you may be intuding a natural flow of a discussion with your responses, you may use other channels, e-mail for one.

  2. ursfrei on

    Hi Yudit and hi to you.
    Thanks, Yudit, for your reaction and for your input. I DO appreciate it and feel that you also do meet my personal opinion – the first eMails I read in my inbox are the ones referring to my blog.
    However – sometimes I do have the impression that the fact of me responding to a post does also limit the possible answers of other readers and therefore does limit the viewpoints for our whole audience (including myself).
    So If you read this response – please do not hesitate to give your personal point of view and reconfirm, contradict or interpret – for the benefit of all of us.
    Looking forward to reading form you.

  3. Jay Cross on

    And etiquette is also defined by how people behave in practice. I get a comment from about one reader in a thousand. That’s okay. The usual rule is to leave a comment when you can add to the conversation.

    In the unworkshop, I want all of us to comment frequently. Our purpose is to expand your experience and give you a feel for it.


  4. Barb on

    Urs, great job on setting up your blog – the content, context and structure can also provide good clues about the focus for conversation.

    I would support using your approach to your threaded discussions as one that should work in the blogosphere…i.e. don’t need to respond to every comment….don’t want it to be a series of 1 to 1 conversations betweeen yourself and each of the individuals who comment…but allow it to flow..

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