The Arrival – The real Questions I heard in my inner Ear:

O.K. it is past midnight now.

However I would like to reflect on the event we just had:

I have to admit: The questions I had been confronted with had been of a lower quality then expected. So:
What were the questions ‘in my inner Ear’?

  • Can they hear me?
  • Can I he hear them?
  • Do I see the same as they are seeing?
  • How can I ask for permission to speak?
  • How is this going to work next time?
  • Is there a better way, if we would be using our Interwise platform next time? If yes – how about Mac users?

The third question (how do I raise my hand?) has remained unsolved for me and has been preoccupying me during the whole presentation. I have tried to overcome it via the chat feature in Viewy but did either not get the attention or did not see the answer (someone promised to let me have a screen-shot on the Wiki – thanks for it in advance!).

Was this because we had two applications for visual and audio? And audio was part of an application I am using on a daily basis (Skype) and the Skypecast is somewhat different but basing on the same application?

My conclusion:

Let us take away ALL contextual elements from the first contact and just fix ALL the technical problems (the ones we did expect and the ones we did not expect). This will allow us to arrive at ease, knowing we did not miss anything PLUS knowing that next time, when the real content gets started we shall be ready!

This would reconfirm step one of Gilly Salmon’s model.



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  1. jaycross on

    Urs, thanks so much for getting this blog going. You’re a model for others to follow.

    I don’t want to invite tech disaster, but I suspect more informal learning sessions start like ours today rather than seamlessly and smooothe. That’s a major lesson. Have a safety net. Don’t set expectations that everything will be perfect.

    As to missing things, well, we are beyond that stage. We will all be missing things all the time. The objective is not to learn everything; it’s to learn enough.

    The hand-raising thing is a bother. I figured out what to do as our session was coming to a close. Use the Alt-Tab key combination to switch from one window to the next. You’ll come to one that has a list of participants; that’s the raise-your-hand window.


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