Global Bus-ride on Swiss Independence Day

My anticipated Question the little man in my ear is going to ask me tonight at 1030 pm while entering the bus:

  • Who else is here?
  • What are we all doing here? Where are we heading to?
  • What are we expecting from the UnWorkshop?
  • How is this UnWorkshop going to work?
  • What makes us collaborate?
  • What makes us learn?

Who can help me out and give a definition: While reading Harold’s post on “Blog References” I came acorss a word I did not hear so far: infovore?

P.S.: The Swiss Independence Day is dating back to the year 1291, where some native Swiss decided to get rid of their superiors. I wonder if our undertaking (tearing down bounderies to facilitate global collaboration) shall also have an impact for the live of people in some 700 years.


4 comments so far

  1. Harold Jarche on

    Happy independence day! Neat word; infovore – I think I’m becoming one 😉

  2. ursfrei on

    Thanks Harold for your comments (the second one to a blog not really published).

    With regard to infovore: I do have a feeling that the beginning of the term refers to Information, but what is ‘vore’ standing for?

  3. jaycross on

    Urs, I remember climbing the Swiss Path to the Rutli Meadow. It’s still a wonderful spot. In America, I fear we’d have put fast-food restaurants all along the trail.

  4. ursfrei on

    Jay, I see your point. So let’s leave Rutli Meadow in Switzerland 😉

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