Gilly Salmon’s 5 Stage Model

In her book about e-tivities Gilly Salmon presents a 5 Stage Model I find very useful when designing arrangements for learning and collaboration:

  1. Access and motivation
  2. Online socialisation
  3. Information exchange
  4. Knowledge construction
  5. Development

Let’s have a look at the UnWorkshop and find out how this model fits with the development of the activities within the group.


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  1. Jill on

    Urs, thank you for this list. I am a trainer for both in classroom and online courses at the University of Minnesota. I think this list could be used for in-person classes, as well. Of course, I would delete “online” from #2. Traditional learning has been lecture, which can be duplicated in online learning environments. In fact, it is often harder to get participation online.

    The first barrier to overcome, as a teacher, is to make my learners feel safe and comfortable in the learning environment. While classroom temperature ceases to be an issue, familiarity and comfort with technology becomes an issue.

    One side effect of this workshop, for me, is that I get to see what it’s like on the other side of the mirror. This time, I am the student with a new technology.

  2. ursfrei on

    Jill, I do agree with you. After selling and delivering IT trainings for quiet some years I am fascinated by the possibilities I discover from the learners point of view.
    When training new moderators in web-conferencing (I hope this does also cover the female part of our audience) the first thing I try to get through to them is to let them be participants. This is the only moment they can experience for themselves what it feels to be a participant in a live event.

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